What’s New: Oct 13, 2023

Sprint 21

Check out the latest product updates, enhancements, and improvements to the Blue Rabbit online pharmacy.

Practice Portal Updates

Search Optimization for Diets 

Search and find diets by key words and/or multiple words rather than needing exact product family or direct name matches. 

Search Optimization for Generics and Compounds 

Product searches will now show all presentation types, including strength and pack sizes. 

New Approval Queue Statuses 

In addition to approved or declined, you can now set prescription or request approvals to the following statuses: 

  • Action Needed 
  • Under Review 
  • Client Contacted 
  • Exam Scheduled 

This eliminates the need to decline and re-enter scripts if follow-up or additional steps are needed with your client or patient. 

Enhanced Writeback to PIMS 

Prescription authorization and request approvals now write back to the patient’s medical record immediately, where previously this was only done after the client successfully purchased the product(s). 

Updated Order Quantities 

You can now increase pack size units in multiples for your prescriptions. For example, if a single tablet or ointment tube is being prescribed, you can increase the script quantity in multiples of 1 to prescribe the exact number the patient needs, adding refills as necessary. If the pack size is 6 and you prescribe 2 packs, the number will automatically multiply to 12 in the prescribed authorized fill quantity. 

Expanded Compounding Formulary 

We are continuing to add and expand our formulary to meet the needs of you and your patients, with an additional ~6500 SKUs added on October 16, in addition to the ~1200 SKUs added on September 21st

Online Pharmacy Storefront Updates

Updated Client Account & Login Process, Payment Capture Language 

We have updated copy to both the account creation and login tabs to clarify that all clients must create an account before ordering. We have also updated the language for Autoship migrations that highlights the importance of updating their payment information to ensure their prescriptions continue without disruption in delivery service. 

Copy Added to Icons 

We’ve added language to the storefront icons to help clarify for your clients exactly what each icon represents. These are on the top right of your homepage storefront next to the site search. 

Storefront Promotions and Offers 

Your storefront is now featuring 35% off first Autoship on all Purina products for the remainder of the year (through December 31, 2023). There will also be a storewide discount of between 5-20% for all products from October 17-19 which is in addition to any other active promotions.